Medical Crisis – Special Policy

As we are all faced with an unprecedented medical crisis in our country, we have put in place the following to reflect and cooperate with what our medical professionals and elected officials are requesting us all to follow. We know our customers need transportation and needed repairs to insure they have a safe and reliable vehicle. Therefore, we will be continuing with our quality repair services under different daily business functions as follows below. Like everyone we are increasing social distance. Even though we are at the shop our door may be locked. We will be communicating by phone, email, or fax concerning repairs, explaining the repair process and arranging for credit card payment per phone. We will retain old parts for viewing later, after the crisis passes. Also, if a customer wishes to discuss previous repairs in more detail, we can have the person to person discussion at that time. We will be using disinfectant wipes upon vehicle arrival and vehicle departure. Currently no employees in our facility have any health issues related to the current virus situation. We would politely ask if any potential customer has any health conditions related to the current virus crisis to please restrain from bringing a vehicle in or entering the building at this time. Outside of these exceptions we will be continuing our business practices and vehicle services as normal. As this crisis is constantly changing our policy may change as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We hope these policies will allow us to continue serving our customers and abide by safe guidelines as we have all been instructed to do. Stay safe and thank you for honoring this policy.  After this medical crisis passes, we will be returning to our normal personable business service operations.

*Simple steps to obtain vehicle service or related business functions*

  1. Customers/vehicle service.
    • Contact us regarding vehicle repairs.
    • Drop vehicle off on our lot.
    • Leave key in vehicle or night key drop box (located by office entrance door).
    • We will be in contact regarding checkout and related charges, then in regards of needed repairs and related cost.
    • We will contact you upon completion of repairs, take payment over phone, and arrange vehicle pick up details- keys, etc.
    • Vehicle will be placed outside with invoice and related paperwork inside vehicle.
    • Follow up concerns and communication can be per phone, email, fax.
  2. Related business contacts.
    • Parts deliverer, place parts in large night drop box with related invoice.(next to overhead door)
    • Sales calls – per phone or special request.
    • Miscellaneous business contact – per phone or special request.
  • Remember to call
  • Put correspondence in night drop box
  • Shop: (573) 446-2047
  • Emergency: 660-621-2135

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